Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stop stressing me out

I should be better at this.  It's been twelve years since I became a mother, and for some reason, I still struggle with it.  The drama, the emotions, the responsibilities, the guilt.  All rolled into one big anxiety frosted cinnabon.  My heart hurts.  Truly, it does.  It's become a physical thing.  I've even resorted to Lamaze breathing techniques to get myself through some days.  And, I'm sure, this too, shall pass.  I wonder how I got here, and lately, have been really missing some old friends.  And, definitely missing my family.  I think this Thanksgiving will be really good if I can drag my little family to Michigan to be with my sisters little family.  Oh, how they've grown.  Before I know it, I'll be old like my mom.  Wondering what the hell happened.   Hee Hee hoo...

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